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How To Rap Battle For Beginners: Battle Preparation Guide

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How To Rap Battle For Beginners: Battle Preparation Guide
How To Rap Battle For Beginners: Battle Preparation Guide
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How to prepare for rap battles even if you're a complete beginner.
If you're a beginner at rapping and want to learn how to rap battle then this is the most important course you will find.
This course will teach you how to prepare for a battle rap in the most quick and simplified way possible.
Meaning you won't have to:
x Read a bunch of books
x No memorizing the dictionary
x No confusing youtube videos
Warning: This course will not teach you how to freestyle or how to write battle lyrics. I have other courses for that. This course will give you a simple guide for preparing for your next rap battle.
You will be able to learn how to win a rap battle even if you've never rapped before just like the 100's of students I have taught these techniques to.
My name is Pat and in college I always beat all of my friends at rap battling.
But I wasn't always good at battle rapping.
When I started in high school I was terrible at rapping.
I would get scared.
Forget what I was saying.
Stutter my words.
And I would freeze in the middle of my turn to spit.
It was really embarrassing.
and even to this day I still don't really like thinking about it.
I hated getting embarrassed when I tried to rap but I pushed myself to keep trying.
Eventually I learned some simple thought processes and tricks to learn how to freestyle.
and how to write a rap battle that would destroy my opponents.
After I learned these simple techniques I started beating all of my friends at every rap battle I started.
I then started entering rap battles for prize money.
This first rap battle I entered (with a $500 prize) I got in second place.
and that was because I handicapped myself by trying to win the rap battle by only saying positive things about the person I was battling (I know I could have beat that dude ;) ) .
I beat my first opponent with positivity which is unheard of in rap battling but I ended up losing in the final round.
Now I'm sharing what I learned in this course because I know its really going to simplify rap battling for you and help you prepare for any battle you might be in.
You don't need to know tons of similes and metaphors to rap battle.
You just need to know the correct order of important lines to deliver.
And I got you covered in this course.
You will learn how to prepare for a freestyle rap battle.
And you will learn how to prepare for a one on one type rap battle where you have to time to write out your lines.
This is a great beginners guide for you and I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for visiting my course and be sure to let me know what you think!





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